Do You Hydrate Your Body – Importance Of Water In Your Life

Do You Hydrate Your Body – Importance Of Water In Your Life

Most people forget to drink enough fluid during the day. And to be honest, I was the same before. I didn’t drink even close to enough water what I was supposed to. Back then I suffered from constant headaches, couldn’t lose my weight and my sleep was mediocre best to say.

So I know how easy it can be to forget to hydrate your body. But our body needs fluid to function normally. Therefore, let’s see why we should provide our body with enough of liquid.

Importance Of Water!

Do you know how it feels when your mouth, nose or eyes get dry? It is because your body fails to moisture those sensitive areas. Keeping your body hydrated with enough amount of fluid will prevent that from happening.

Water also helps to protect your spinal core and it acts as a lubricant for your joints. That is also why it is important for people that live an active life, but for everybody else actually, as we all are drink watermoving, one way or another.

Your kidney and liver use water to help flush out waste from your organism. Without enough hydration to your body, that waste will maintain in your body longer, which can result in infections or disease.

Your body loses fluid when you are exercising when your sweat in summer or high heat, when you are ill and have a fever or when you suffer from vomiting or diarrhea.

Water is also important in losing weight. Your body needs it in order to digest food, which will fasten your metabolism and will lead to faster and proper weight loss.

How Much Water Do I need?

water bottle

Many people meet their daily hydration needs by simply drinking water when they are thirsty. Although it certainly is a good thing that they take fluid, in most cases, it is just not enough. Your body NEEDS 2L of water each day.

And that should be your goal; to drink at least 2 liters per day. Some experts say 0,5 liter per 15kg of weight should be taken per day. So if your weight is 75kg, you should drink 2,5 liter per day.

But, let’s get one thing clear: ANY AMOUNT OF WATER is better than NOTHING AT ALL! If you don’t drink enough water, why not set yourself a goal to drink more? How to achieve that?

You can put the glass of water on your table, so it reminds that you should drink it. It doesn’t have to be whole glass at once. Take a sip and in 10 or 20 minutes another sip. Before you noticed, your glass will be empty, and then you can go and fill it up and repeat the process again. I do that way, and I can say it works perfectly for me.

Another way is to download any free app on your phone that will remind you to drink water. It will be like you have your own personal assistant that will remind you to keep your body hydrated. Now, how cool is that? 🙂

What About Other Beverages?

When it comes to keeping your body hydrated, it doesn’t have to be JUST water. Why not make lemon in wateryourself a nice cup of tea? Warm or cold, it is a good beverage that is tasteful and will provide your body with fluid.

Coffee is also counted into fluid we count in hydration, but don’t go crazy with that one. Keep in mind that you should not put more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (about 4 cups of brewed coffee).

Some people say they can’t drink water. If you find water “hard to drink” on its own, as it has no taste, why not squeezing some lemon into it? It will make your water tasteful and you will get more vitamins in your body.

Sweet drinks should be avoided also. They contain lots of sugar in most of the cases, and sugar can only make you thirsty because your body uses water to metabolize it, so your body look for water elsewhere. This type of drink doesn’t replace any of your lost fluids while you sweat. Caffeine, that is contained in most of the sweet drinks, can actually make you need to urinate more often.

beveragesAlcohol is a no-no when it comes to hydration of your body. In fact, alcohol decreases the body’s production of an anti-diuretic hormone, which is used by the body to reabsorb water. With less anti-diuretic hormone available, your body loses more fluid than normal through increased urination.

The same applies to wine and beer. We are not talking here about glass or two of wine/beer during a meal. It has been proven that a glass of wine during a good meal is healthy for you. What we do talk about here obviously is drinking larder amount of alcohol INSTEAD of water.


Some Facts You Maybe Didn’t Know

  • An adult can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water
  • Human bones are 31% water.
  • More than half of the water that we use at home is used in the bathroom.
  • Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.
  • We lose ALMOST 2 liter of water every day through normal body functions, such as sweat.
  • Insufficient water consumption is actually a risk factor for various types of cancer. Hydration is critical to blood circulation to allow immune system cells to reach damaged tissues in greater numbers.
  • The weight a person loses directly after intense physical activity is mostly weighted from water, not fat.
  • 70% of the human brain is water.


So, to wrap this up, what have we learned?

Water is essential for our life, it is required for our body to work properly. We need to keep our bodies hydrated in order to stay healthy. Water is extremely important if you want to lose weight. Without water, we couldn’t live, our whole planet would die!

Do your body a favor and drink water. Keep it hydrated. And, what are you waiting for? Go get that glass of water 🙂


Feel free to comment on this topic and tell me did you learn something new, how do you like this topic and what would you suggest, add or change here. If you have any questions, you can ask them below in comments or send me a message at and I will personally answer all of your questions.

As always, have a good day, morning or evening, where ever you are from.


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12 thoughts on “Do You Hydrate Your Body – Importance Of Water In Your Life

  1. Hi Dalibor. Thank you so much for the reminder to drink water. Water is my favorite beverage. Well, except for coffee and wine. Both of which are very dehydrating and then you have to drink even more water to make up for all the water these two beverages make you lose. This is a very important topic. You are so correct that if people don’t take in enough water it can lead to illness, pain, inflammation…all kind of problems

    1. Hello Dina,
      thanks for your share of thoughts! I am glad you like this topic and I hope I will provide more quality content so that people can have more benefit from this site.

      Best wishes,

  2. Our body has enough hydration like coming from what we eat some fruits has a lot liquid so i think we don’t to force ourselves to drink 12glass a day if we don’t like,but we need water as well so take time to drink water everyday.

    1. Hi Melvie,
      thank you for your comment. I think it is great that you drink so much water every day. Only that would be enough for your body, and if you eat fruits additional, you are in well above required numbers. Well done!

      My intention was never to force someone to drink water. I was only pointing out fact that our body NEEDS fluid, even if we don’t feel thirsty, as most people don’t take enough of required liquid per day.

      As always, happy to see different opinion and point of view on my topics. Thank you on that!


  3. Getting the right amount of water for your own particular needs is important. I used to drink about 2 lites a day as you say in the post, but honestly it was just too much for me. I found I was up and down from my desk all day to pee and couldn’t get a full nights sleep, going to the loo about 3 or 4 times a night.
    I reduced it so that I could sleep well. But I still make sure I drink enough and eat lots of fresh fruit and veg too. As you say it’s important to stay hydrated.

    1. Hello Ann,
      thank you for your comment, great to see you here!

      Yes, I agree, for some people, 2 liters could be more than enough. It also depends on a lot of our metabolism.
      As you said, you eat lots of fresh fruits and keep your body hydrated that way also.

      Thank you for your time and glad to see you here!

      Best wishes,

    1. Hey Ann,
      thank you for your comment. So glad to see you here!
      Water is the most important element in life. But knowing the importance of it is already a great step forward!


  4. Very interesting topic indeed.
    I think this relates to me because I have had the problem of not drinking enough water although I never suffered anything I am always scared I will pay the price in the future.

    I just have a problem I can not gain the habits of drinking water regularly so I have been putting a glass of water next to me when I work and that has really helped a lot.

    I will also try get the cellphone app to help remind me, Thanx for this

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