Steroids – Think Before Act

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I am sure you all heard about steroids before. There are those that say they are good and those that say they are bad. So you are in a dilemma? Here I will try to point out some facts about them, what are they, what they do, how are people taking them, are they dangerous.

What Exactly Are Steroids?

The steroid is a biologically active organic compound. They can be found in plants and animals and alsoAnabolic steroids in fungus. But steroids that we are talking about here are anabolic steroids. His primal effect is to boost your testosterone level high.

They can only be sold by pharmacists and with a prescription. An example of that would be a boy with delayed puberty. Sometimes it can be prescribed to men with low testosterone levels or people who lose muscle mass due to cancer or AIDS.

What Do They Do?

Anabolic steroids increase your muscle mass and strength. The main purpose of them is to supply your body with male hormone testosterone, as we mentioned earlier. Some athletes use them to boost their performance.

Basically, anabolic steroids promote muscle growth and lead to bigger and stronger muscles. After steroids are taken, the steroid molecule bonds to cell receptor sites. In that way, the steroid molecule can increase protein synthesis, and increase the size and strength of muscle cells.

Anabolic steroids have a half-life (time taken need to fall at half of its original value) of several hours for ones taken orally to even several days when injected into a muscle.

How Are They Taken?

Two common ways people are using steroids are orally or injected directly into the muscle. But there are also gels that are applied to the skin. Three ways they can be taken are:

  • CYCLING – taking steroids for a set period of time, then take a rest before starting to use them again
  • STACKING – taking more than 1 type of steroid at a time
  • PYRAMIDING – this is a combination of both cycling and stacking. A user starts with taking a low dose of usually 1, but can be more steroid, and then increase the dose over time to reach maximum dose. At that point, they then stop to take them as a rest period to give the body a break before starting the cycle again.

Side Effects and Health Risks


You would think anabolic steroids could get you more good than bad? Well, you would be wrong. Taking anabolic steroids can lead to many serious problems. Some people face skin problems, such as acne, hair loose, sudden increases in body weight, breast growth in men, dizziness and headaches, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

“OK, I can live with that, just give me those muscles”. Fine, I am not to judge are those risks worth it. If you think you will be a “bigger man” with them, consider one particular side effect: shrunken testicles. Not so appealing, huh?

Think about that for a second: your testicles produce testosterone for your body. And when you bring additional testosterone, now you have more than your body needs, and what your body is basically saying: “OK, testosterone levels are more than enough, I won’t produce them anymore”. And your testicles start to shrink.

But those aren’t only risks involved: genital atrophy, sexual dysfunction, sterility, impotence, and menstrual irregularities in women. The liver and kidneys are under non-stop attack by steroids.troubles

Still not convinced? What about the possibility of liver cancer and tumor, kidney stone or kidney malfunction, heart attack or stroke?

There are also psychological side effects, such as aggressive behavior, sudden mood change, paranoia, hallucination, and depression.

These all are very dangerous side effects and health risks that steroids bring, outweigh its few benefits…


What have we learned today? Steroids damage an individual physically and psychically. Although they do boost your muscles and strength, the cost of that is far more grater once all those side effects start rolling on. Imagine yourself trying to do a workout with headache, or dizziness, or high blood pressure? At that point, all your effort that you put into it before is going down the drain.

Also, steroids make an addiction, and after you stop taking them, it will take some time for your body to start working normally again.

People often think that the only way they can gain muscular build is by using anabolic steroids. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You can gain strength without steroids. You can grow your muscles in a natural way with proper workout and proper food.


If you hear stories or comments of people: “Hey I use steroids and I am fine”, “Nothing ever happened to me”, “You are not getting what you could be if you are not using steroids”, trust me, they are lying! They are lying or they yet not feeling any side effects. Side effects WILL COME. You can’t avoid that. No one can.

So if you would ask me what would I say about steroids? I would say: THINK BEFORE ACT!

I hope you like this post and I’m looking forward to seeing any comments, what did you find interesting? Did you come in touch with some anabolic steroids? Are you considering taking them? Comment, share your thought or send me a message at and I will personally answer all of your questions. Until then, have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Steroids – Think Before Act

  1. You are so correct. Steroids can really mess with your body’s natural function. A few years back I competed in a women’s figure competition. I’ve been training off and on for many years but it took me 4 years with proper training and diet to get ready for a competition. It was amazing what I accomplished with proper diet and training in my late 40’s/ early 50’s. Unfortunately though, to compete in the higher or pro levels of body building, it cannot be done totally natural. Everyone uses something at that level. Bodybuilding to have a beautiful physique IS possible naturally. Bodybuilding on the competitive level, however is not healthy. Eat and train for health is the best way to go.

    1. Hello Dina,
      so wonderful from you to interact here. I am happy I have comment from someone that was professional in competition!

      I agree with you and 100% encourage people to train naturally with out steroids. And you are PERFECT example it can be done. And with such results! Very inspiring, thank you!

      Best wishes for you,

  2. Hey very informative, I like the stacking ‘still not convinced’mantra. I agree with Dina eating and training is the way to go but people considering taking steroids may have alternative motives: psychological issues for example. All comes down to risk/ benefit perception of the individual.

    1. Hey Dom,
      thank you for your comment!
      Always happy when someone finds my post useful 🙂

      I agree with you, risk vs benefit is what people should look for when deciding about something. The same principle goes with everyday life actually.


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