How to Eat And Lose Weight Fast – Sounds Impossible?

How many times have you heard something like: The only way you will lose weight is to cut on your food, or don’t eat carbs if you want to lose weight? Usually, such advice comes from a friend who wants to help. However, the thing is, they are wrong.

The truth is, they can’t be more wrong than this! The only way they could be more wrong is to tell you to stop it. So how dumb would be that?

What if I told you that you can eat and still be able to lose weight? Actually, I will tell you to eat probably even more than you are eating right now! I will show you how to eat and lose weight fast!

Eating To Lose – Impossible?

Now, when I say you will lose weight fast, I don’t mean you will get to your weight in a few days. Depending on how much you want to lose, it will take you a few months maybe. However, you won’t have to starve to achieve that! Imagine, you will still be able to enjoy all your meals and eat almost all of the food that you want.

The problem with all the diet plans is that once you stop with it, you will regain all that you lost, so-called Jojo effect. And that sucks! That is demoralizing and will certainly have a negative influence on your health.

When you think about losing weight, what exactly you mean? You mean you want to lose fat. That is what you want to lose. Why am I saying that? Isn’t that self-implied? Well, yes and no.

Yes because you do want to lose fat when you are losing weight, and no because you could be losing muscle mass and not your fat WHILE losing weight. And that is what you don’t want!belly fat

You could be losing your muscles when you are on a diet because fat is nothing else than STORED ENERGY THAT BODY DIDN’T USE. And when you are on a diet, your body doesn’t get enough of the required calories.

So what your body do? It sends a signal to your brain saying “Hey, I am hungry, I need energy.” However, you aren’t giving that energy to your body, correct? So the brain sends information back to your body: “We don’t have enough calories. Use your reserves”.

GREAT! Now the body will use your fat, correct? WRONG! Because your body didn’t receive enough calories, your body is preparing for starvation. And what will it do is reach for your MUSCLES to take the required energy to be able to function normally, and NOT your fat.

Think about it: if your body thinks you won’t be having enough calories, the body will try to save stored energy AS LONG AS POSSIBLE to prevent malfunction. And reaching for another source of energy is only logical in that case, which is your muscles.

Healthy Meal

So how can I make my body use fat and not muscles? Simple! By eating! Giving your body enough food in the right amount will not only benefit toward your weight loss, but it will also save your musclesfood plate

What you need is three quality meals and two light meals per day.

Your food plate should look like this:

  • Half of your plate fruit and veggies
  • 1/4 of plate proteins
  • 1/4 of plate whole grains

Try to add dairy in your daily meal such as yogurt, milk, cheese or butter. You will get a source of calcium and vitamin D from them.

Avoid adding fat. Too much saturated fat can increase bad cholesterol and will increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Don’t add too much salt. This can seem to come naturally, but many people are overreacting with salt. Yes, salt makes food taste better, but did you know that health authorities recommend between 1.5 and 2 grams usage per day?

Yet, approximate usage of salt is around 3 grams per day. Consider drinking enough water to try to balance a higher intake of salt, but lower salt intake at any cost!

Avoid adding sugar if possible. Not only that this will have an impact on your weight gain, but it will also increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and can accelerate the skin aging process.

What You Need To Know

So, to actually get to the point where your body will consume energy from food that you eat, we must do something. Also, to explain it as simple, we will use an example.

Imagine your body as a car. You have to maintain it to keep it running. If you don’t, your car will eventually get rust, the engine will slow down, and it will have all kinds of problems.

The same is with our bodies. You have to maintain it to keep it running for 50-60 years (or more). However, would you expect your car to drive if you give him low-quality fuel, or not poor any fuel at all?


Yes, your car would most likely be driving even if you give him low-quality fuel, but for how long? Eventually, it will damage the engine. The low-quality food that you feed yourself with has the same effect on your body: yes, it does produce the required energy, but what are you doing to your body with that junk food?

You are damaging your engine, your hearth! And even better, what if you try to run a car with no fuel? What happens when you restrain yourself from eating? Nothing today, or tomorrow, or in a week, but in the long run? Think about that!

1, 2, 3, 4….

A significant thing you should be doing is counting your calories. Now, I know this may sound strange, or a bit too much. However, if you think about it, it is essential.

WHO guidelines recommend that for a standard sedentary man you should be consuming no less than 2400 calories per day (1800 for a woman). And when you are maintaining your weight, you are maintaining your muscle mass, body fat, water. Therefore, to lose weight, you need to know how much are you taking in, correct?

Moreover, how will you know how much you are taking in if you aren’t keeping track? A good, fun and easy way to track it is a free app called MyFitnessPal. I am using it, and I can recommend it as an excellent overview to track your food.

Proper Activity

To keep your car well-tuned, you also need to drive it. Otherwise, if you leave it and not use it for a long time, it can start to old carleak oil, will get rusty, etc. And what will happen if you leave your body? If you become sedentary?

A workout is what you need to have in order to lose weight! Consider implanting it in your life if you want to lose weight. The best workout to lose your fat is a HIIT workout.

They burn a lot of calories even after your workout is done. Combining this type of training with proper and balanced food will give the results that you want!

How to choose a workout and what workout is the right one for you can be found HERE.

Wrap It Like A Burrito


What did you learn from this? Hopefully, next time you decide to lose weight you will consider these guidelines: balance your food and do your workout.

Not only that it is possible to eat and lose weight, but it is the ONLY right thing to do. The only thing you should even consider when you decide to fit into your last season clothes.

Please, don’t fool yourself thinking you will make any good by just cutting your food. You won’t. I am trying to save you all the trouble that will come after that.

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I am looking forward to seeing your comments. Have a great day and till next time, remember, your body deserves the best, and so do you!


2 thoughts on “How to Eat And Lose Weight Fast – Sounds Impossible?

  1. Hey Dalibor – thanks for giving such good advice about eating and losing weight. I’m of the same mind that you need to balance your food and you can eat really well and lose weight too – if you do some exercise! Even just a walk around the block every evening will see results in a few weeks. I really like your comparison to running a car too – this is a really simple way for people to understand what happens to their body if they don’t keep it well nourished and maintained. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      thank you for your comment. I am glad you find this information useful.
      My aim was to help people see that with balanced food and modern exercise you can do wonders for yourself.

      Hope you have a great day!

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